Ett ledarprogram som ger dig nya perspektiv och bredare nätverk
Ett ledarprogram som ger dig nya perspektiv och bredare nätverk
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LärOlika - “Learning across differences”

Through conversations, we build bridges across divides between different parts of society.


We create new meetings and conversations between people with different experiences, perspectives and challenges. Thus everyone learns something new and bridges are built between people in different parts of society.


We do this by:


Courses and meetings
Since 2014 we have organised courses that target people with different backgrounds and interests for conversations to learn from each other. Each course is free of charge and consists of five meetings in different locations and with different themes. We provide process management - the participants bring the content, in conversations with each other.


Find more information about meetings and courses (in Swedish) HERE.


We hold specialized workshops for organizations and companies. We create new kinds of conversations and exchanges of experience where everyone, regardless of their role, contributes with their own thoughts and perspectives.


Tools and networks
Through the tens of thousands of unique conversations that LärOlika has created, we have also developed a variety of tools and methods to create the best possible conversations - and built a network of nearly a thousand individuals with very different roles in society.


95% of LärOlika participants get inspired to think in new ways! If you want some inspiration, please follow us on Facebook, on Instagram @larolikasamtal, or read our blog.

Why do we do this?
The reason LärOlika started is that we believe that meetings and dialogues between people with different perspectives is important for change to happen – both on a personal level and in society as a whole. However, today most people have very few opportunities to meet individuals from other communities, since society is not structured to enable interaction across cultures/disciplines/generations.



LärOlika started in 2014 and is now run in a non-profit organisation.


For more information, please contact us!